How to pack for a road trip

You got the whole holiday for yourself, a road trip is a perfect deal, imagine it no weight limitations and also no airport authorities going through your stuff like you stole something. There are no hurdles to book or tickets, follow up on the strict time limits if you are the carefree types who want to get away from the office environment, and enjoy a little bit of freedom this is the article for you. This enthusiasm may sometimes bring problems when in the middle of the trip and can’t find something essential. You will probably need to make stop ups sometimes sleepovers at hotels or camps along your way.

8 things you need to carry

Car spare wheel, jack spanner, jumpstart cables, these are essential especially if you are traveling through the countryside, where there are no mechanics to attend to you. You will probably need some basic skills before you start. You should check the condition of your car a week earlier, check the engine oil, it is necessary to replace it before, fill the radiator to ensure your car cooling mechanism is doing well. This is probably the most important thing to remember when traveling. My friend from is always telling me how they have a full roadside service kit on their company vans so that they are never late no matter what happens. Have the kits been put to use? Yes, my wedding catering delivery would have been late if it wasn’t for their proper preparation!

Most probably you will have to travel for a longer distance than you usually do. Ensure that the spare tires are in good condition and inflated, you also need to check your tire threads, considering most country roads are in bad condition, or if you are traveling in snowy roads.

Sleeping bags, these are a necessity, if your road trip involves sleepovers at hotels or camping. Sleeping bags come in hand and good night sleep is a must, and very important, considering you had a tiring day behind the wheel, or at some mountain climbing event. You need to get relaxed in preparation for the next day’s activities.

Toiletry, this includes; tissue paper, baby wipes, towels, slip-on, deodorant, soap, hand sanitizer, sanitary pads for ladies, and your dryer. You are on a road trip where you should feel relaxed not in 50 ways to survive documentary. You may need to make some stops to freshen up a bit, either in a hotel, or that stream upstate with cool clear water, or in your RV. This list comes at handy when on the trip and is essential. 

Playlist, there is nothing that makes a road trip more sweet than listening and singing along to the music you love, take some time off to select a playlist, this you should consider also the tastes of others in the car with you too.

Map, remember to carry with you a map, this you can download into your mobile device or carry an analog paper one, in which case it is the most convenient. Your phone may go off or there may no internet at a remote place and you are stranded at a junction.

Charger, a charger is a necessity while traveling, you may consider carrying along with  you a camera too, and this will ensure that your battery does not get drained quickly.

Water, you probably do not want to get dehydrated along the way. Carry along with you clean drinking water, this may come at hand when cooling your car too if it overheats.

Your travel documents and license, your trips will most probably be across several states or countries, ensure that you carry along with your travel and identification documents. You also need to have cleared any issues with the traffic, for example, parking tickets, and fines. This will ensure that you have a problem-free journey, without unnecessary trips.

There are no hotel waiters or porters to make your trip enjoyable, how you plan for it will determine whether you like it or not. Try to stick to your plan and budget for the journey, and most probably don’t get carried away totally by amusements you find on the way, probably others are coming but your time is limited.

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Why Do People Travel

Travelling can be associated with the movement of people from one geographical position to another. Mostly, a reason is associated with the need to travel, which include;

Visiting family members

People may travel to keep in touch with their friends and friends.  Families and friends may be living in a different geographical location. Since such invitations are seldom, there is a need to decide to travel. Others may travel to meet their soul mates (Blichfeldt, 2006). Although there might be billions of people on planet earth, most are the people who believe in a soul mate that they look up to and there call the need to travel if they are geographically apart.


 Work can be another influence on travel, people may travel to gain experience elsewhere or learn different ways in line with their occupation. Since earning money is becoming harder, others opt to travel abroad in search of greener pastures. Other places have a higher pay rate than others as well as different expertise does well under different environment. This would call for them to leave their families in contrast to the former reason.


 Culture as well may influence traveling, seeing different cultural practices such as dances, food, and way of living may seem fun to some people.

Writers travel to find stories and themes to include in their paperwork. Vacations and hiking also call for the need to travel. Different environments offer different comfort in vacations. Some are beautiful sceneries good for taking pictures while others are ideal for sporting activities. Travelling has not been restricted to a specific class of people rather cuts across all as long as what is at hand fits someone’s budget. As stated some travel for fun, some for their goals others experience and others for relaxation.

Choosing a mode of travel,

Travelling is always associated with different means and modes of transport. Preferences defer from one person to another. The different modes of transport include;


  Land as a mode of transport has been the most used mode of transport over decades, a person heading to the countryside for a vacation with his family would prefer to travel on roads by a family car or catch a train. A clear view of the landscape features along the way may give satisfaction and comfort across the countryside.


Traveling through the air is associated with luxury and class but considered the fastest means. Long distances through Air are covered at less time than by other modes as well as giving an overview of features on land from Air. This suits the best people who travel regularly on business goals as well as those headed for a vacation abroad.


Water is another mode of transport that is associated with luxury but ideal for vacation and short distances within seas or coastlines. This mode exposes people to aquatic life and the sea breeze is an awesome experience. Deep-sea divers use this mode regularly to access their ideal diving zones.

All three modes of transport have different means of transport that is also associated with preference, destination, luxury, social class, and occupation. Therefore, traveling is a basic necessity in day to day life of all human beings and for every travel; there is a reason (Sirgy, 2011).


Blichfeldt, B. (2006).  A nice vacation: Variations in experience aspirations and travel careers. Journal of Vacation Marketing, 13(2).

Sirgy, M. J., Kruger, P. S., Lee, D.-J., & Yu, G. B. (2011). How does a travel trip affect tourists’ life satisfaction? Journal of Travel Research, 50(3), 261-275.  …

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Three Major Benefits of Using International SIM Cards When travelling

Changing SIM cards whenever going out of the country can be a burden enough for travelers, and counting the countless countries you want to travel to every year, makes the task even more enormous.

Frequent travelers know this; phone bills can go way over the top when making calls to and from abroad. That’s why it is essential to take an international SIM card with you while traveling. This device is the best solution for any traveler who wants to receive and make calls to friends, associates and family members back home.

This is how an international SIM card works. It picks up the signal from a local service provider of your targeted country so that you can use your mobile phone anywhere you go without having to change the SIM. It works in hundreds of visited countries around the globe making it easy for travelers so that wherever they go, the international SIM is most likely supported by local service providers.

Here are some great benefits of using international SIM cards.

Avoid roaming charges

International roaming fee can be very extravagant, making it hard to use data services or making calls while abroad. These roaming fees can apply even if you are traveling domestically.

There’s nothing worse than taking your home mobile with you and coming home to the dreaded mobile phone bills just because you uploaded a picture on Facebook or Instagram and made some few calls here and there. But with an international SIM card, you could save between 50-90% of the usage cost.

As a matter of fact, in some countries with no incoming roaming costs, you will still be able to receive calls even if there is no credit on your account.

Cheaper to communicate

International SIM cards offer the lowest rates regarding outgoing as well as incoming calls; even less expensive than calling via landlines or using phone cards. Most of these international SIM cards also offer free incoming calls in many countries. And if they do charge incoming calls, their charges are minimal compared to landlines. Furthermore, it is free of charge to receive and send text messages with international SIM cards.

Cuts down on countless SIM cards

With international SIM cards, it saves you the hassle of having to carry many SIM cards and worry about contacting all your friends and families with a new number each time you cross an international border.

You could use one SIM while on vacation or meeting with business partners. All you have to do is notify your people of what number you will be available on once- no matter what country you are visiting. The same SIM also works when you go back to your homeland.

Final verdict

The advantages of using international SIM cards are very beneficial to travelers giving them freedom and peace of mind. The SIM card also makes keeping in touch a lot easier and faster even if you’re moving from one country to another; your family, friends, and business partners are just one phone call away.

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